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Dining Program

Zelma Lacey House Dining Program; by Glendale Senior Dining

Hydrate for Health


Fresh Food

  • All food is prepared to order in Zelma Lacey Houses’ own kitchens, ensuring a fresh cooked and healthy meal every day for all of our residents
  • All menus are created with an emphasis on fresh ingredients
  • We source only U.S.D.A. certified beef, lamb, pork, veal, or poultry
  • We source seafood that conforms to the Monterey Bay Aquarium Seafood Watch® guidelines, supporting sustainable fisheries
  • We support locally grown produce, in season, as food freshness is our top priority
  • All our kitchens are trans-fat free
  • Fresh vegetarian options are abundant throughout our menus
  • Sandwich meats are roasted and prepared in house
  • All stocks are made from scratch in house using fresh-cut vegetables and meat trimmings
  • Fresh herbs, seasonings and spices are utilized to reduce the addition of salt
  • Salad dressings and condiments are prepared fresh in house
  • All soups, sauces and gravies are made from scratch
  • All breaded and battered items are prepared in house— never frozen
  • Specialty breads, rolls, muffins, cookies, and pastries are baked fresh daily
  • Hot and cold coffees and teas are brewed fresh


Hydrate for Health

There is nothing new about having water readily available for thirsty residents. Yet, the hydration station is enjoying a renaissance and renewed popularity for many reasons. Americans are realizing that several generations have consumed countless empty calories in sugary sodas and juices, and this behavior is contributing to an epidemic of obesity and diabetes.


Another reason for the renewed interest is that in senior communities, residents are more at risk for dehydration. This may be the result of medication, physical limitations that make it difficult to access drinks, or it may be due to decreased mental acuity that causes residents to forget to hydrate if they are not reminded frequently.


Hydration stations are a great solution to these challenges, but not all hydration stations are created equal. Some facilities have responded to this challenge by placing bulky, camping-style coolers in public areas, but this doesn’t help residents with motor skill limitations, nor does it communicate anything about what is in the cooler or remind them why it is important to stay hydrated.


Our truly innovative program, Hydrate for Health®, uses clear, easy to operate dispensers at stations that include signage explaining the benefits of hydration to the residents. The water is infused with fresh fruit, vegetables or herbs and the flavors change daily to keep interest high. Peering through the containers, the residents can actually see the fresh water and fruit, a visual cue to hydrate more often.


Hydration Menu

  • Sunday – Cranberry Water
    Cranberries are a superstar when it comes to antioxidant power, which may help protect against heart disease, cancer, and other diseases.
  • Monday – Pineapple Water
    Pineapple contains an enzyme with anti-inflammatory, anti-clotting, and anti-cancer properties.
  • Tuesday – Cucumber Mint Water
    The fresh cucumber is a good source of vitamin C and the mineral molybdenum. It also has a great cleansing effect and is described as a dieters dream.
  • Wednesday – Lemon Water
    The lemon is king when it comes to vitamin C and helping to solve digestive problems. Lemon juice is also credited with helping to cure hiccups.
  • Thursday – Cinnamon Apple
    Apples are loaded with Pectin, a soluble fiber that aids digestion and may help reduce cancer and heart disease.
  • Friday – Orange Water
    Oranges are the largest citrus crop in the world. They are high in bioflavonoids and carotenoids both with help to fight cancer.
  • Saturday – Lime Water
    Limes are great for adding zingy flavor to a wide variety of foods. They contain vitamin C, vitamin A, calcium, and iron.


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